Thursday, February 19, 2009


last night I spread my disappointments thin
quick firm strokes of memory my rolling pin
admiring the delicate expanse therein
saw enough to cover seven women

thought of seven women known to me
one left for dead beneath a tree
two broken upon a father’s knee
three coerced of her own virginity
four from an ex infected, intentionally
five remembers nothing, save lost memory
six brother dearest took for free
seven told no one, not even me

last night I spread our disappointments thin
dreamt a hand in mine, skin on skin
arms and fingers outstretched therein
seven women joined hands with seven women

the circle formed reached round the earth entire
feet and toes sevens by tens raised higher
white heat of love turned eyes up to admire
hands and hearts and wombs of angel fire

each heart to the next in molten love did blend
pure liquid air earth water, wind
this reign of sorrow back to earth descend
to cleanse in grace every guilty hand

a new beginning born of here nor there
not past not present but beyond this where
sin stoops to kiss the hand of shame
who naked rises, sloughing pain and blame

it is in my name, in yours in hers and his, friend
that I bow my head to this fantastic end
that I implore you be bold and dare believe
for you for me for all, a heavenly reprieve

befriend not silence, she is a faulty guide
widen your words, keeping light inside
broken feels, but lies just the same
from love you came, in love you will remain

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